07-09, AUG, 2024, Istanbul Expo Center

Dear You;

First we set out to make our mother happy, now we are working to make all the women of the world happy. In a world where everything is so easy to reach, we first saw why it was so difficult to find clothes that would make plus size women happy, when our mother couldn't shop for herself, and we understood that we live in a world where fashion is not fair. Why was it so hard to be comfortable and stylish at the same time?

While the rate of women wearing size 42 and above is 55% in Turkey, it is 67% in America; Why were the options offered to women who chose not to be a size 0 but to be at peace with their body were so limited and bleak? It was clear that not all women were equally respected for style, quality, or even respect. To understand, we first asked ourselves why, and then how? How do we initiate the change we want to see? How can we offer the same standards to women who wear size 0 and women who wear size 42 and above. When it comes to fashion, what comes to mind is; When we said that the beauty standards created by the images used in describing fashion will no longer exist, there were those who saw it as a dream.

We were not satisfied with that; We showed our stance against the brands' actions to create a consumption frenzy by using the highest quality fabrics that do not wear out. We made the customers feel the value we offer by making designs that make them happy and meet their needs.

It's not over yet – we are just getting started and we promise that we will continue to work without giving up for a moment, until we make all the women of the world happy.

Neslihan & Çisem.

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Head Office

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