07-09, AUG, 2024, Istanbul Expo Center



A colorful fashionable exhibition experience.. Mark your calendars for
07-09, AUG, 2024
IFCO exhibition will be held between August 07-09, 2024
We are honored to host the Istanbul Fashion Connection Exhibition, the international fair that the apparel industry has been longing for since many years. İHKİB is proud to introduce this global fair that will build long-lasting bridges between Turkish design firms, agents, and design offices and buyers and brands from all arrounding the world.
At the Istanbul Fashion Connection Exhibition you will find trend areas, seminars, workshops and fashion shows that will bring together design, interaction and experience expecially in the topics of digital transformation, smart clothing, texhnical textiles and sustainability.
​​Coming this August! In Istanbul.
Hundreds of exhibitors, which will take place in the net area of 35.000 m2, will meet with buying committees of thousands of companies from mant regions, especially from EU Countries, Great Britain, Russian Federation, Russian Federation & Cus, North Africa and Middle East.
Apparel and fashion fair IFCO, which will be held at Istanbul Expo Center on August 07-09, 2024, is organized by İTKİB Fuarcılık A.Ş. a subsidiary of İHKİB.

Our producers who want to export with their brands and important sourcing companies that serve the whole world with their collections will meet you at the exhibition.

More than three hundred companies will meet with thousands of buyers from tens of countries, especially in women's and men's clothing, baby and children's clothing, denim and sportswear, evening dresses, wedding dresses, underwear, socks, leather and fur clothing, shoes.

Istanbul Fashion Connection, an international event that will make an impact all over the world and where design, trends and brands will be presented in Istanbul, will bring together its export-oriented participants with buyer companies from all over the world, especially EU Countries, United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine and USA.

İHKİB will host thousands of buyers from target countries in Istanbul with the participation of dozens of foreign fairs, delegation organizations, virtual and physical trade delegations, and its experienced team with collaborations in every region of the world.

Manufacturers and exporters who can develop collections introducing new designs with high international operational capabilities are on the scene with a strong production capacity and logistics advantages.

Türkiye is one of the leading countries in apparel design and this exhibition will introduce participants’ own collections and designs to new locations and customers through buyers from all around the globe, which will be beneficial for all parties

Istanbul is the perfect location for this exhibition since it is one of the most accessible and attractive cities of the world. Visitors will meet thousands of established and upcoming designers; discover new collections and textiles, meet new business and solution partners.

Istanbul, the fashion capital of Türkiye, is the ideal center to bring together trends, fashion, design, brands, trade and collaborations together.

İHKİB aims to open a new era in the apparel industry with the Istanbul Fashion Connection Exhibition, which will introduce this vibrant center to the whole world. The clothing industry, of which İHKİB is the representative, unites all product groups from women's and men's wear to baby and children's wear, from evening dresses and wedding dresses to leather apparel, from denim to sportswear, from underwear to socks, from shoes to bags, all under one roof.

Manufacturers and exporters who can develop collections introducing new designs with high international operational capabilities are on the scene with a strong production capacity and logistics advantages.

At the Istanbul Fashion Connection Fair, international ready-made clothing buyers will be able to find what they are looking for in all types of purchases on a single platform; those looking for a branded exporter, those looking for an exporter to have their brand produced, those looking for a design, etc.

One of the important elements that distinguish this fair from other international fairs is accessibility: Accessibility in design, accessibility in production, accessibility in terms of brand, accessibility in price-quality balance, accessibility with service speed, quality and reasonable price, logistics advantage, accessibility with deadlines.

In addition, IFCO is easily accessible from all over the world with the advantage of Turkish Airlines, the airline company that flies directly to most cities in the world to and from Istanbul, one of the most precious cities of the tourism country Türkiye.