07-10, FEB, 2024, Istanbul Expo Center

The Latest Trends in the Field of Evening Dresses are at This Fair

The evening dress and wedding dress industry, which was reshaped by the pandemic, started to gain momentum as of 2021. The latest trends in the evening dress industry, one of the apparel areas where Turkey is quite strong, meet with buyers at the IFCO Fair.

Türkiye's evening dress sector, one of the most important items in the field of apparel, has an annual export value of 500 million dollars. The sector had great success before the World Health Organization declared the outbreak a pandemic. The evening dress and wedding dress sector, which was reshaped by the pandemic, started to gain momentum in 2021.

The pandemic that emerged in China, which dominates 70-80 percent of the world wedding dress and evening dress industry, has directed a large part of the demand to Türkiye in many areas. The sector, in which Türkiye is quite strong, also draws attention with its production power.

15 million people attend weddings and banquets

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat), an average of about 550,000 couples get married every year in Türkiye and about 15 million people attend weddings. 561 thousand 710 couples got married in 2021 and 574 thousand 358 couples last year. 600 thousand couples are expected to get married this year. The number of marriages is an indicator not only for the wedding dress market but also for the evening dress market.

Despite all the negativities in the pandemic period, the Turkish evening dress and wedding dress sector continued to develop. The removal of pandemic restrictions and the fact that consumers started to organize their postponed organizations such as weddings and invitations were at the beginning of the factors accelerating the sector. Consumers, who limited their spending during the pandemic, started to prioritize their Apparel shopping again after the pandemic. The increasing demand caused the sector to catch up with the business volume in the pre-pandemic period in a short time.