07-10, FEB, 2024, Istanbul Expo Center

Leading Evening Dress Brands at IFCO

IFCO, which is a bridge between the leading brands of global apparel industry, fortifies its place in the world with broad participation. The evening dress industry, one of the most successful areas of the Turkish Apparel Clothing industry, will present its product variety and visual richness to the global market with its leading brands in the Fashionist exclusive section.

At IFCO, which will bring together the apparel sector in a wide range for the fourth time, companies in product groups ranging from denim, sportswear, evening dresses, wedding dresses, grooms, underwear, socks, leather, and fur apparel to shoes and saddlery, as well as women's, men's, and children's apparel products, will come together with international buyers. Türkiye, which provides the opportunity to meet all the needs of international sector buyers, continues to increase its claim in the global evening dress market day by day.

Türkiye presents its original and diverse evening dress products to the world at IFCO, inspired by its design power. 30 leading brands of the apparel sector operating in the evening dress and grooming category will also take part in IFCO with their different designs, innovative colors, and dynamic styles. In the Fashionİst special section, where products will be exhibited accompanied by a visual show, visitors will experience a different fair experience.