07-10, FEB, 2024, Istanbul Expo Center

IFCO Trend Area Appreciated by Visitors

The trend area at the IFCO Fair won great appreciation from exhibitors and visitors this year. Trends that will inspire all fashion and fashion-related sectors, from fabrics to textures, from clothes to colors, were exhibited in the trend area prepared by the Istanbul Fashion Academy (IMA).

In the trend area, which indicates that Turkey continues its production success in the field of Textile and apparel in creating a trend, the materials that determine the themes of the upcoming seasons were presented with an aesthetic harmony.

Creative Director of Istanbul Fashion Academy

Raf Stesmans

“We have created a trend area that inspires all sectors”

As Istanbul Fashion Academy (IMA), we created the trend area at the IFCO Fair this year, as we did last year. We exhibited the trends of the 2024-2025 winter season in the trend area. We have two mega trends this season, one of them is sustainability, and the other is technology. We have created a design space for trends. In the fashion world, the themes were handled separately in previous seasons. But now we see that the themes can be used within each other. There are four sections under the recycling heading, one of the main themes. Each of these parts is a concept. That's why there are four different color palettes.

We work on apparel trends in the trend area, but while dealing with these trends, we try to explain a general mode by displaying fabric, texture, and clothing samples together. We wanted to create a trend area that inspires all sectors, such as furniture and decoration, which are influenced by fashion and fashion.

In addition to the area where we exhibit the trends, we also created an area where we place the IMA New Gen collections. We feature the works of a new generation of designers, among whom are the finalists of the KOZA Young Fashion Designers Competition, who graduated from the IMA Fashion Design and Technology Undergraduate Program and Fashion Design Diploma Programs. The collections of the designs selected by a jury of the leading names in the industry are highly appreciated.

During the fair, we encounter incredibly positive reactions from those who visit the trend area. Everyone says they like this area very much, that it is colorful, remarkable, and inspiring. For example, people who visited the trend area we did last year state that when they came this year, they prepared their collections inspired by our trend area and got very positive results.

Turkey is in a good position as a sector in the field of Textile and apparel, and it is also extremely successful in creating fashion and trends. The Core area at the IFCO Fair also features successful designers in the industry. The collections of Turkish designers also set a good example.