07-09, AUG, 2024, Istanbul Expo Center

Focused on the Agenda of the Fashion Industry

Revealing the power of the Turkish apparel industry, IFCO Fair won the appreciation of the participants by hosting seminars and programs given by essential names. The seminars focused on the issues on the agenda of the fashion industry.

IFCO Fair also contributed to the participants with seminars and programs given by essential names. Mehmet Ali Peker gave the Fashion and Artificial Intelligence seminar moderated by Güneş Güner. Hasan Önal, Head of the Department of the General Directorate of Exports, took part as a speaker at the seminar on State Support in E-Export. While Rossella Maria Catapano gave the Trend Forecast 2.0 seminar, Güneş Güner was the moderator of the Brand Focus and Mass Design seminar. Yasemin Öğün and Gül Ağış took part as speakers at the seminar. Elif gave the Impact of Digital Transformation on the Textile Industry Workforce seminar Can Edge Kurtul, while Özlem Kaya and Nihan Peker spoke at the Koza Young Fashion Designers Competition seminar.

Kim Mannino gave the trend seminar on the spring/summer 2024 trends from WGSN. One of the prominent trends, Protect & Connect, is driven by the importance of community and a sense of security. The theme inspires a stronger focus on problem-solving silhouettes, emotional textures, expressive colors, and nostalgia for women's wear. The theme, where holiday and casual wear are used together, focuses more on ultra-light, packable, modular clothing. Wrinkle-free and anti-odor fabric technologies, minimal designs, circularity, flexibility, versatility, and long-lasting clothes are the main components of this theme. Resale and rental market opportunities are emerging as we move towards a circular mindset. The aesthetic perception of second-hand clothes trend aesthetics is also emphasized. Resale and leasing collaborations, which attract attention on the commercial side of the market, are also increasing. The solution-oriented design maintains its dominance from seasonal tailoring to climate-appropriate outerwear and gender-based silhouettes. While consumers expect more from their clothes, they want aesthetics to be pushed to the limit.

The natural world comes to the fore in the men's clothing trends of the theme. In this theme, where nature is recognized as the greatest designer, using unpainted or naturally dyed organic materials with organic and sustainable natural materials, recycling synthetics, natural decorations, and details for the final product dominates the theme.

Virtual and physical worlds intertwined

The SenseSpaces theme features the collision of the virtual and the physical, as well as the natural and the technological. Digital and extraterrestrial aesthetics coexist in women's clothing designs that combine organic influences with a high digital look. As consumers move seamlessly between the digital and physical worlds, this blurred reality increasingly affects aesthetics and products. Inspired by digital artists, futuristic scenarios, and extraterrestrial views, the theme features digital designs. Inspired by exaggerated nature and multi-sensory experiences, the theme draws attention to underwater life and tropical forests. Priority is given to recycled fabrics, recycled yarns, and components. Regenerative, vegetable, and agricultural waste fibers, reducing water use, and design details that work between genders and body shapes are gaining importance. The optimistic relationship between technology and nature stands out as designers, artists, and companies increasingly seek to build a better future and revive damaged ecosystems. Investments in technology are increasing for more sustainable solutions.

In the menswear silhouettes of the theme, it is seen that a new design language has been created with the blurring of the physical and virtual worlds. Consumers who want to be in harmony with nature while excited about digital art and technology adopt an innovative and agile style, from pigments obtained from nature to the expanding world of NFTs. On the other hand, fashion makers work with nature for sustainable practices that are compatible with the planet.

Circular designs are on the agenda

The Creative Confidence theme combines circular design and innovative techniques. Environmental concerns, energy impacts, and a growing desire among creators to challenge the status quo; encourages the discovery of new, disruptive ways of working. Innovative thinking and approaches are encouraged to design solutions that benefit both profits and the planet. Creative Confidence also feeds the resurgence of vintage and second-hand clothing, which is the defining trend of the 2020s. Hybrid styles that work across situations and genders show no signs of waning, as fluidity and versatility remain key concepts. Design details come to the fore, combining sporty styles with tailoring elements and allowing for adjustability and personalization. As nightlife and events expand, styles are observed that blur the line between day and night.

On the other hand, the impression of the theme in menswear trends reveals extraordinary thinking in every field, from sourcing to circularity and bold design solutions. Surreal elements and psychedelia take the focus away from the seriousness of real life. While different expressions of masculine identity are activated, diversity and inclusivity issues draw attention. In an age where personalization is more important and brighter colored clothing appears stronger in digital images, stand-out pieces with identity are key. Designs for the gamification of clothing and resort-inspired themes appear.