07-09, AUG, 2024, Istanbul Expo Center

Designer Brands at The Core Istanbul

The Core Istanbul, which offers creative and collaborative solutions covering all areas of the fashion industry, brought together fashion designers with international buyers of apparel brands and provided the opportunity to transform the collections of brands and designers into commercial activities.

Influential designers such as Arzu Kaprol, Aslı Filinta, Ceren Ocak, and Gül Ağış exhibited their collections specially prepared for the fair at The Core Istanbul. The Core Istanbul, including 22 designer brands, succeeded wildly during the fair. Buyers from many countries, such as the USA, South Korea, England, France, Germany, Qatar, and Italy, closely examined the products of designer brands. During the fair, the designers held more than 220 bilateral business meetings with foreign buyers. While the number of companies with total business potential exceeded 60, the total order amount approached 20 quickly.

Designer firms were pleased with the synergy created by The Core Istanbul and IFCO Fair, which are in a very creative area in terms of promoting Turkish brands in the international arena and creating an innovative and contemporary infrastructure. The designers, who have found a successful interaction area, can open up to global markets thanks to the incoming buyers.

Strong brands of production come together at IFCO

Branded industry leaders such as İpekyol, Damat, Kiğılı, Altınyıldız, B&G Store, Lufian, Jakamen, Lee Cooper, Climber, Giovane Gentlie, Batik, Naramaxx, and Tudors came together in the exceptional brands' section at IFCO. Companies with the power to export to many parts of the world offered their high-quality, sustainable, and trendy products to buyers from abroad.

Private companies such as Talu, Zevigas, Bozkurt, Bilce Tekstil, Gelişim, Esso, Bozpa, and Demezoğlu, which are in the Sourcing special section and serve important global brands, displayed their performance in processes such as production and delivery.