07-09, AUG, 2024, Istanbul Expo Center

Check Out the Fall-Winter/ 2023-2024 Children's Clothing Trends and Color Palettes

Istanbul Fashion Academy Trainer Meryem Özyılmaz discussed the prominent clothing trends and color palettes in the 2023-2024 fall-winter season in children's clothing, where different trends are in the foreground.


With the change in people's value judgments, it is observed that the importance given to the level of welfare takes precedence over competition and material values in society.

The pandemic and the climate crisis have improved our self-awareness. Personal needs have become more important. People began to focus on living a more peaceful and healthy life. This has made it valuable to migrate from the city to the countryside, to create comfortable spaces, and to reconnect to nature with the healing and tactile materials that contemporary nomads may prefer.

In the color palette, natural tones stand out in the dominance of pastel tones. The calm blues are inspired by the leaf shades of autumn, sweet spices, and the warm air of orange candy.

Little Traveller Palette: Orange sugar, lilac, carambola, sage leaf, parchment, chalk, sepia hue, pink clay, cranberry juice, calm blue shades, cinnamon.


The concept of creativity, which feeds designers, brands, and many sectors, confronts us with the healing aspect of minimalist and fun designs.

After the chaos of the last two years, creativity seems to be valued again as a solution to complex problems. It is estimated that the adaptation and success of the sectors to this new order is again because of creativity and entertainment. While strong sectoral collaborations in terms of creativity give positive results, humans, nature, and artificial intelligence are becoming equally important and interconnected. The designers' treatment of happiness as an "active ingredient" is seen as a healthy and necessary key performance indicator for both humanity and our planet. In the high-creativity color palette, energy and vitality are at the forefront in high-impact tones. Black, gray, and white continue the calm side of the palette as basic tones.

High Creativity Palette: Green fig, galactic blue, bitter lemon, bright pink, purple light, malachite, deep sea, apricot paste, red.


The digital and physical worlds are united in this immersive theme. Designs that explore the transition from nature-meta-universe to another world are intertwined.

By focusing on the commonalities between technology, and organic, the digital universe is inspired by a wide range of ideas and utopias that put not only humans at the center of design but all of nature. The metaverse and the virtual world go beyond everyday habits while offering experiences in the fields of education, health, and creativity. It comes up with new ideas to make the world safer, fairer, inclusive, and sustainable for all. Her color palette is inspired by the digital and natural worlds, blending digital and blurred tones with contrasts and pastels. Bright pink, limȩ, galactic blue and metallic chrome colors are used together.

Digital universe palette: Galactic blue, digital lavender, malachite, bright pink, dark oak sea foam, liquid lemon, dark green, astro dust, pink clay, pineapple.